The Legal Trust Fund Board 

Maxe Cendana (MEF)
Jaime Fonseca (MEF)
Rebekah Bray (MEF)
(2 CEO vacancies) 

One of our Union-negotiated benefit for Municipal Employees' Federation and Confidential Employees' Organization is the Group Legal Services Plan. It is a benefit provided by the City of San Jose and overseen by MEF and CEO members.

These include wills and trusts, family law matters, adoptions, guardianship, debtor/creditor and other consumer problems, tenant problems, and other civil matters. it also includes other legal services such as document preparation, negotiating, mediating, and appearing in court. There are some legal problems not covered by the plan, such as criminal defense, immigration, and employment problems. The amount of attorney time for these legal services is limited. The attorneys can be contact directly for details.

Sally Cooperrider (Attorney) 

210 N. 4th St., San Jose or call at (408) 287-7717.

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