1. Labor Management Committees (LMC): Purpose: To serve as an advisory committee, facilitate employee involvement in issues which affect the immediate work environment, and foster positive Union-Management relations

    a. Citywide LMC - Monthly 
    Committee members: Robyn Zamora, Dan Gibson, Cindy Harlin, Charles Allen and Carol McEwan

    b. Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services (PRNS) LMC 
    Committee members: Robyn Zamora, Carol McEwan, Rachel Atkins, Lauren Hawkins, Jamie Marcil, Chris Boyer, and Chris Sandate

    c. Library LMC 
    Committee members: Dan Gibson, Carol McEwan, Ben Martinez, Simone Williams, Lee Pendleton, Andrea Shirley

  2. Benefit Review Forum (Quarterly/as needed) 
    Committee members: Robyn Zamora, John Savercool, LaVerne Washington

  3. New Employee Orientation  (Twice a month) 
    Committee members: Charles Allen, Dan Gibson, and Robyn Zamora

  4. Local 101 (3rd Thursday of the month) 
      Committee members: Treasurer: Robyn
    Delegates: Dan Gibson, Cindy Harlin, Jaime Fonseca, Maxe Cendana
    (8 vacant positions) 

  5. Legal Trust Fund (3rd Friday of the month) 
    Committee members: Maxe Cendana, Jaime Fonseca, Rebekah Bray (2 Vacant)

  6. Web & Media
    Committee members: Maxe Cendana, My Vuong, Benjamin Martinez, and Steven Solorio

  7. Member Action Team (MAT)
    Committee members: Cindy Harlin

  8. Deferred Comp AC
    Committee: Jaime Fonseca