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Welcome to the Municipal Employees' Federation website: MEF represents over 3,000 dedicated working men and women – working together to solve
problems, build stronger workplaces, and to have a real voice about safety, security, pay, benefits, and the best ways to get the work done.

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Our government shouldn't make promises we cannot keep – but we must keep the promises we've already made.
President Barack Obama – State of the Union – February 12, 2013




The following Local 101 officer positions are up for nomination for election. Each position serves for a two year term:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Nominations will be taken from the floor during the November Local 101 meeting on 11/20/14. Dues paying members from any of the chapters of Local 101 in good standing can make a nomination or run for office.

In addition, nominations for president, vice-president, recording secretary, treasurer and trustees shall be taken at all chapter meetings in the month of November, or by petition signed by at least (5) members in good standing. All nominations, whether by petition or from the floor of the November chapter meeting, shall be received at the local office (1150 North First Street, Suite 101, San Jose, CA 95112) no later than November 20th at noon. The election of the president, vice-president, recording secretary, treasurer and trustees shall be held by mail and ballots counted at the general membership meeting in January in accordance with the standards set forth by Appendix D of the International Union Constitution and the AFSCME Local Union Election Manual. The balloting shall be secret and ballots shall be retained in a safe place for one year. The candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast for that office shall be declared elected. All elected officers shall take office immediately.

The Local 101 Constitution can be found here.

Please contact the Local 101 Election Committee if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Elections Committee.

Paul Prange (MEF)
John Henry (Morgan Hill)
Andy Paul (MEF)


If you are also a dues-paying member of AFSCME MEF, AFSCME MEF is currently accepting nominations to fill the ten Director positions representing members in the following City Departments:

  • 1 Director representing members who work at the Airport and Transportation Departments.
  • 1 Director representing members who work in the following departments: a) Convention, Arts, and Entertainment; b) Fire; and, c) Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement.
  • 1 Director representing members who work at the Environmental Services Department and the Pubic works Department.
  • 2 Directors representing members who work in the Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services Department.
  • 2 Directors representing members who work in the Police Department.
  • 2 Directors representing members who work in the Library Department.
  • 1 Director-at-Large representing members who work in departments not listed above.

Each position is a two-year term. You may only nominate an MEF member from the Department where you work. Nominations may be made by U.S. Postal Service (sent to the AFSCME Local 101 office: 1150 North First Street, Suite 101, San Jose, CA 95112) or by email to You must include your name, department, and the name of the person you are nominating for your nomination to be valid. The deadline for mailed or emailed nominations to be received by the Election Committee is Wednesday, October 29th 2014 at 12 noon.

A special general membership meeting will be held on Thursday, October 30, 2014 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at City Hall in room T550 for purposes of receiving nominations for MEF Director elections.

If necessary, election ballots will be mailed out in early November.

In solidarity,
MEF Election Committee
Robyn Zamora
Dan Earl
Paul Prange
Andy Paul


Supervisor Dave Cortese, PSRD Ryan Russell, Supervisor Joe Simitian, Supervisor Cindy Chavez,
VTA Bus Operator Janelle Rubbo, Supervisor Mike Wasserman, and Supervisor Ken Yeager

Congratulations Fire Dispatcher Ryan Russell

On Tuesday, September 9, 2014, Public Safety Radio Fire Dispatcher Ryan Russell was recognized, along with VTA Bus Operator Janelle Rubbo, by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors for their outstanding work in providing CPR to a woman who was found unconscious at the San Jose Diridon Station.  

Ryan was able to guide Janelle through several minutes of chest compressions while crews from Station 30 responded. Ryan did a great job in keeping Janelle calm and encouraging her throughout the call.

These are among the most important calls that Fire Dispatchers handle, and through the work of Ryan and Janelle, this woman was given the best possible chance at survival.

Congratulations Ryan and thank you for your excellent work on this call.

Retiree Healthcare Funding Tentative Agreements: MEF & CEO. (NEW)

San Jose 911 Dispatcher Center Decimated (NEW)

San Jose Cuts Endanger Public Safety - 911 Dispatchers Forced to Work Thousands of Hours of Overtime (NEW)

Mayor Reed and Council Allies Reject Tax Measure to Support City Services

City Proposed Charter Amendment to Modify Retirement Board of Governance

City Proposed Charter Amendment for Public Labor Negotiations

City Proposed Charter Amendment to Modify Measure B

Tier 1, Tier 2A, and Tier 2B Retirement Benefit Summaries (updated 6/23/14)

San Jose Pension Reform Failed – Let's Fixt It Right This Time

Chuck Reed's Incompetence Cost $94 Million Dollars

What’s Next for Public Employee Pensions?

How Chuck Reed's Pension ‘Reform’ Scheme Doesn't Add Up

Meyers-Nave Absurd Opinion Damages Council Mayoral Hopefuls

A New Dawn for San José

Who Will Benefit from Reed's Pension Plan? Lawyers, Not Taxpapers

Judge Rules Retiree Healthcare Protected Like Pensions

Click here for more NEWS.

Discipline and Grievance Issues
For discipline and grievance issues contact the following Union representatives in the order listed:

1) Your Department Steward.
2) Chief Steward Andy Paul at 408-476-1174 or email
3) AFSCME Business Agent Charles Allen at 408-386-9915 or email

Watch the “Pensiongate” Videos of Mayor Reed Lying

City Council Leaves Unconstitutional Pension Measure on the Ballot
San Jose Officials Caught Lying about Pensions
Unions Call for Pension Investigation
City Manager Fires Back on Pension Projections
San Jose Council Says Show Me the Math
KGO 810AM Interview with Councilman Ash Kalra
SEC Complaint Filed Against Mayor Chuck Reed
Lawsuit Accuses City of San Jose of Breaching Fiduciary Duties
San Jose Pension System Questions: Does a conflict of interest exist in the Retirement Services Department?
State Lawmakers Order SJ Pension Audit
Deputy City Manager:
“The number of 650 has been used by our mayor.’
San Jose Unions Sue to Block Pension Reform
$650M San Jose Pension Projection “Unsupported”

Download the State Auditor's report of the City of San José showing that retirement cost projections were unsupported.
Download the ETHICS COMPLAINT against Mayor Reed & Retirement Department Director Crosby.
Attorneys Recommend Election Commission Take NO Action on Ethics Complaint.
Download the
Information Request Regarding Pension Cost Estimates memo that
Councilmembers Kalra, Chu, Campos, Rocha, and Pyle sent to the Rules and Open Government Committee
on February 23, 2012, asking for details about how the $650 million figure was calculated and who developed it.
Download the SEC complaint against Mayor Reed.
Download the complaint for breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit.
Download the
City's lawsuit against MEF.
Download AFSCME's lawsuit against the City.
Click here to read more about what's happening with Measure B.
Download the POA's lawsuit against the City.
Download the
Firefighter's lawsuit against the City.

Municipal Employees’ Federation
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Charles Allen


AFSCME District Council 57

Office Hours 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
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email the business office at
Click here for discipline and grievances.

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